Building Performance Research

ArchiMetrics has grown out of the desire to answer some of the important questions surrounding Building Performance in the UK. Dynamic simulation tools give invaluable information on the digital building, ArchiMetrics aims to close the gap between the hypothetical and the actual by measuring and monitoring the performance of the physical building in question. On existing buildings this data is often gathered to provide more accurate information on which dynamic simulations are then based and to help inform the specification process. On new buildings the data collected can help verify predicted outcomes, confirm build quality and in the longer term help identify any emerging problems before damage occurs.  The primary aim remains to improve understanding, performance and quality of our built environment.

Building monitoring is sometimes guided by available equipment rather than the question being asked. As such we have designed and developed equipment, protocols and analysis techniques which are tailored to answering the specific questions in hand. As these questions expand and new ones are formed we are able to respond with dedicated solutions to help resolve, as best we can, the questions asked.

Currently, the primary areas of focus are in situ U-value measurements and hygrothermal monitoring across construction fabric. We are currently compiling our project data to be made publically available on this website.

Clients to date include the SPAB, Historic Scotland, Kevin McCloud, B&Q, Cambridge University - please get in touch to discuss your project.